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The MV Series

Composite Instrument Kit

The MV series composite instrument kit has been designed by Dr Monik Vasant in partnership with leading Swiss instrument manufacturer Deppeler. The instruments exhibit the ultimate in precision, reliance, comfort and surface coating to compliment the techniques taught on the totally composite course. Each instrument takes over 4 hours to construct at the Deppeler workshop in Switzerland using the finest in materials. Every piece is individually hand finished and quality checked under magnification all the way through its production before being surface coated.



The black colour of the patented instruments prevents distracting reflections seen with steel instruments. The high tech carbon coating reduces sticking and high resistance to abrasion allowing a more fluid shaping of diverse composite materials.

They are ergonomically designed with easy grip soft handles. The kit is supplied with a autoclavable cassette.

£385 excl. VAT (£462 incl. VAT)
+ £10 UK Delivery

The MV Bur Kit


This bur kit was designed and put together by Dr Monik Vasant to cater for all aspects of restorative aesthetic dentistry from routine restorations, crown, bridge and veneer preparation to micro preparations for minimally invasive procedures and composite finishing.


£83.33 excl. VAT (£100 incl. VAT)
+ £10 UK Delivery

FitStrip IPR kit

Garrison Dental Solutions

FitStrip™ Interproximal Finishing and Contouring System

Garrison’s new FitStrip™ Interproximal Finishing and Contouring System provides clinicians with diamond abrasive strips necessary to successfully restore a very wide variety of cases.



This comprehensive kit includes eight varieties of diamond coated abrasive strips, two interproximal saws and two interchangeable handles.   FitStrip™ is indicated for use in IPR, contact reduction, interproximal finishing and contouring, crown and bridge cement removal/clean up as well as separating inadvertently bonded teeth.

Both single sided and double sided strips are included and all the strips feature the unique ability to be adjusted from straight (for contact reduction) to curved (for interproximal contouring) with a simple twist of the color coded barrel thereby eliminating clinician hand fatigue.  The interchangeable handle easily attaches to any of the FitStrip™ components significantly improving clinician ease of use and patient comfort.  The clinician’s hand stays outside the mouth providing a clear field of view and easier operation.

In addition, FitStrip represents the best solution for IPR (interproximal reduction), creating the space needed for minor movement of teeth when necessary.  Working in concert with orthodontic treatments such as Clear Correct™, Invisalign™, Six Month Smiles™ and others, the color-coded strips provide the roadmap for achieving the desired IPR quickly, easily and effectively.  No other system provides FitStrip’s level of flexibility and ease of use.


£145 excl. VAT (£174 incl. VAT)
+ £10 UK Delivery

Totally composite rubber dam clamp kit

£104.17 excl. VAT (£125 incl. VAT)
+ £10 UK Delivery


Dental rubber dam isolation template

Pac Dam is a simple template for punching dental dam in a precise way. And is and educational tool, to push to perform adhesive procedures under Isolation.



£45.83 excl. VAT (£55 incl. VAT)
+ £10 UK Delivery