Totally Aesthetics is a structured thirteen day comprehensive year long programme designed to give the clinical and non-clinical skills required to perform high level minimally invasive restorative & aesthetic dentistry. Designed to build on skills gained in the Totally Composite courses, covering all other aspects of modern day comprehensive dentistry. The course includes evidence based theory, significant practical (including phantom head), constant mentoring and significant online resources.



There is a pre-requisite of having attended the Totally Composite course the Totally Aesthetics course to ensure everyone is at the same level to enable us to build on it at rapid pace.



The course costs £599 (inc VAT) per day. And it is 13 days. To Book the course you need to place a deposit of £599, and the remaining balance will be collected in 3 equal instalments:

1st Instalment – due 31st January 2021
2nd Instalment – due 30th June 2021
3rd Instalment – due 30th October 2021



Postgraduate Diploma in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry

This course can be done individually or as part of our Postgraduate Diploma programme for dentists. Assessments for the qualification are carried around the Totally Aesthetics programme. Delegates are required to attend all modules and submit all assessments, as well as complete Totally Composite and Anterior and Posterior Maestro courses.



Day 1: The Exam Cycle : where the magic really happens Speakers: Dr Monik Vasant and Dr Asif Syed

Objective: To enable you to conduct the perfect exam cycle which is the engine room for high quality dentistry.

– Learn how to conduct the perfect examination
– The art of patient communication
– How to overcome objections
– Presenting your findings and photographs in the perfect way – Understand fee setting
– Know your numbers- fee setting

Enhanced CPD high level learning outcomes : A,B,C

Day 2 : Photography Masterclass Speaker- Dr Monik Vasant

Objective – To give you the skills to take beautiful dental photographs and then present them in a stylish professional format.

-Introduction to photography
-Camera settings
-Taking intraoral, extra-oral and artistic portrait photographs
-Working with software and apps to create beautiful presentations, videos and literature to showcase your work

Enhanced CPD high level learning outcomes : A, C


Day 3: The components of a beautiful smile Speakers- Dr Monik Vasant

Objective: To give you a knowledge of all the elements you need to understand how to design a beautiful smile and update you on the latest developments in tooth whitening


–  The components of an ideal smile
–  Anterior morphology
–  Traditional smile design and lab communication
–  Introduction to facially driven treatment planning and the digital smile design (DSD) concept.
–  Overview of the various tooth whitening treatments
–  Management of the single discoloured tooth

Enhanced CPD high level learning outcomes : C


Day 4: Minimal / no preparation veneers Speakers: Dr Monik Vasant

Objective: To enable you to provide beautiful veneers in a minimally invasive fashion


–  Overview of case selection
–  Planning a veneer case
–  Understanding the various ceramic materials available to us and the respective
preparation requirements
–  Laboratory communication and the different types of diagnostic wax up
–  The guided preparation (Gurel) technique
–  Conventional and digital impression techniques
–  Shade selection
–  Perfect temporisation techniques
–  Isolation and cementation techniques

Enhanced CPD high level learning outcomes : C


Day 8: Bridges

Speaker : Dr Monik Vasant

Objectives: To give you the knowledge and skills to replace missing teeth with fixed bridges.

Aims :
-Theory behind choosing abutments
-The different types of bridge design
-An overview of the various types of materials and why , when and where

Practice the various preparations/procedures for the different designs and materials

-Management of the pontic site

Enhanced CPD high level learning outcomes : C


Day 9: Orthodontics for the GDP and accreditation to Invisalign Go

Speaker: Dr Monik Vasant plus Invisalign

Objectives: To introduce you to anterior alignment orthodontics and accredit you in the Invisalign go system

– Introduction to orthodontics
– When do we treat and when refer?
– Overview of the system and step by step guide – Intra oral scanning for orthodontics

-Accreditation to Invisalign Go
– Multidisciplinary treatment planning

Enhanced CPD high level learning outcomes : A, C


Day 10: Aesthetic periodontology Speaker : Dr Ian Dunn

Objectives : To update you on the latest in periodontology and teach you how to do predictable aesthetic periodontal surgery

-Update on the latest knowledge in periodontology
-Understand when and how to do predictable crown lengthening -Periodontal maintenance

Enhanced CPD high level learning outcomes : C

Day 11: Implants

Speaker: Dr Jose Navarro and Dr Monik Vasant

Objectives : To introduce you to the world of dental implants and give you the skills and knowledge to restore a single unit.

Aims :
-Introduction to dental implants
– Fundamentals for implant success
– Planning
– Restoration of single implants including practical session – Avoiding pitfalls
– Maintenance

Enhanced CPD high level learning outcomes : C


Day 12: Endodontics

Speaker: Dr Sanjeev Bhanderi and Dr Monik Vasant

Objectives: To update you on the latest in endodontics and teach you the latest techniques.

– The latest theories and practices in endodontics
– Practical sessions on how to use the latest equipments – Use of posts
– Restoration of endodontically treated teeth

Enhanced CPD high level learning outcomes : C

Day 13: Treatment planning, revision Speaker : Dr Monik Vasant

Objectives : To be able to tie together all the knowledge over the course and carry out treatment planning exercises


-Treatment planning
– Managing multidisciplinary cases
– Revision

-Awards and Celebration meal
Enhanced CPD high level learning outcomes : C