The revolutionary digital smile design concept employs the latest digital techniques to help design a beautiful bespoke smile.

The process involves 3D scans, photographs and a facial analysis being carried out of the patient to assess the relationship between the teeth and the face. This is then used to design a final smile that suits the patients face.

The design is a blueprint of the final outcome and allows the patient provide input and to approve the final outcome. In large smile makeover cases a 3D printed model of the design can be used to make a trial smile that can be temporarily fitted the teeth to enable a preview of the final outcome in the mouth.

Prior to design approval changes to the shape, size and texture of the teeth can be made until the patient is happy.

Smile designs are recommended when major changes to the theme of the smile or bite are being made e.g larger makeover cases (i.e. multiple teeth composite, porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, implants) or rehabilitation involving changes in the bite.


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