This is the safest most conservative way to improve the appearance of teeth. All the methods work on the principle of breaking up the internal stain within the teeth using an oxidising process which is completely safe and does not damage the teeth in any way. The procedure whitens the colour of tooth enamel but it will not white fillings / crowns / veneers. Hence often old work that is visible may need to be changed.

It can be done either in the surgery using power assisted methods or most commonly done via some custom made whitening trays which are then used by the patient at home by filling them with whitening gels and wearing them often overnight. This is done normally for two or more weeks resulting unusually dramatic colour changes. The gels are peroxide-based which in the right concentrations has been shown to be safe.

Many of our smile makeover cases begin with a session of tooth whitening to even out the colours prior to more major work, this can significantly reduce the number of teeth having to have more complex work.

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